Candid DPS Certificate:

Dubai police protective system certified Sekurzone as an approved ENPR system in the city of Dubai.




Candid MSEC Participation:

Candid successfully participated with Maarej Professional Systems and Services(MPSS) with Intellio, seawing and sekurzone ANPR Tech.




Candid Intersec Participation


Candid ISNR Participation




Candid Hotel Security summit Participation




Candid became a Microsoft Certified Partner company.


Candid is a European-based development and manufacturing company providing systems integration & solutions, specializing in designing, developing and marketing of ANPR application software and ITS.

Our management team has been working in the ANPR technologies industry since 1998.

Based on the highest accuracy LPR Engine, we provide a full range of secure and sophisticated capabilities for ANPR applications, including speed control, electronic tolling, access control, parking system and red light enforcement. Our system components meet the highest industry standards.

Our products and research are on the cutting edge of technology for data, imaging and traffic applications. We combine our know-how and intellectual property with those of our partners.

Flexibility – Our software applications and processes are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific OEM and Prime Contractor requirements.


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access control dubai
fleet management

This system is used for the recording of vehicles passing by a particular location where the control set is installed.

Integrated access control systems including face recognition, ID & passport reading, and more...

Innovative integrated fleet management unit with superior location, tracking, event driven reporting, logging, and security capabilities.

access control dubai

Protecting your confidential information at the highest level of security is one of our core competence.