System integration

It is a basic requirement towards state-of-the-art informatics solutions that they must be able to communicate, receive and share information with different systems. Our practical knowledge - both in development and project leading - makes it possible to successfully manage complex informatics projects. With the use professional knowledge of market-leading technologies and devices we assure our partners’ support on the highest level.

Application development

The goal of our service is to develop and execute professional informatics systems that support our client's business processes. Our company has a great experience mostly in the development of safety and traffic techniques, and of complex database integrations. While executing our projects we use those environments that fit best to the client’s needs.


Our company uptakes tasks of designing and developing products and creating complex integrated solutions. Based on this we have a very wide view of managing full informatics projects. With our knowledge we can support projects from the designing period through the efficient and cost-effective execution.