System integration

It is a basic requirement towards state-of-the-art informatics solutions that they must be able to communicate, receive and share...

Application development

The goal of our service is to develop and execute professional informatics systems that support our client's business processes...


Our company uptakes tasks of designing and developing products and creating complex integrated solutions...

About Candid

Candid is a European-based development and manufacturing company providing systems integration & solutions, specializing in designing, developing and marketing of ANPR application software and ITS.


This system is used for the recording of vehicles passing by a particular location where the control set is installed.

Access Control

Integrated access control systems including face recognition, ID & passport reading, and more...

Fleet Management System

Innovative integrated fleet management unit with superior location, tracking, event driven reporting, logging, and security capabilities.

Information Security

Protecting your confidential information at the highest level of security is one of our core competence.

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