• High accuracy and speed: Candid OCR was developed for exceptionally high rate of number plate reading (>95%). The image processing of ANPR software library is remarkably fast.
  • Build your own ANPR system: Candid OCR was designed for system integrator companies who want to build their own ANPR system and those who need an accurate and flexible software tool for recognizing license plates. OEM version is available as well.
  • Country independent OCR technology: Candid OCR recognizes any license plates containing Arabic and Latin characters. It provides plate color and country ID. Special, personalized license plate reading: Vanity plates, prestige plates or private custom number plates.
  • Hardware independent technology OCR runs on various kinds of computer systems (desktop, embedded, etc.). It can be linked to any type of camera equipment (even third party cameras). Our dedicated ANPR cameras are recommended for image capturing.

Typical application environments

  • Highway toll collection/speed enforcement
  • Vehicle access control/entrance admission
  • Vehicle theft prevention/detection
  • Traffic monitoring/bus lane or red light enforcement
  • State border surveillance/security monitoring
  • Public/private car park management/automation
  • Airport/harbor cargo management/control
  • An innovative technology for toll collection, traffic surveillance, traffic management, and many other projects where accuracy, speed and automation are essential objectives. The core technology is especially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex, intelligent traffic applications due to its outstanding technology, its high accuracy rate, the speed of image processing and its adaptability.

    The software can execute continuous license plate reading even at vehicle speeds of up to 250 km/h. This feature is especially important in convicting speed limit violators or for use in automatic toll collection projects, just to mention a few.