Main functions of the Protrac

GPS and GPRS based monitoring and tracking system, which forwards the signals of the vehicle alarm to the monitoring station and user phone numbers, as well as reports in SMS the actual position with coordinates with a phone call to the module.

Collecting the vehicle’s traffic data and data of the peripheries and sending to a server system, thereby making available the services of the system. Car alarm signal forwarding to monitoring station through the internet and to mobile phone by SMS.

Individual alarming functions, e.g., position change supervision at stopped engine (towing), alarm initiated by input contact and signalization of all these to monitoring station through the internet and to mobile phone by SMS.

Real-time vehicle position report in SMS with coordinates, initiated with a phone call or a command SMS sent to the module.

Security function with local alarm initiation against GSM and GPS signal jamming.

Main Features

  • GPRS data transfer
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • WEB interface
  • Connectable to car alarms
  • Programmable through USB and IP
  • Web display on Google Maps™ surface
  • Private POI management, speed and fuel diagram, route report, vehicle uptime report, refueling report
  • Low operational cost
  • Visualization and log of the position and route
  • Separation of business/private vehicle usage
  • Evaluation of speed, parking, duration trip, etc.
  • Sends SMS containing the current vehicle position and its traffic data
  • In case of programmed events:
    • Forwards car alarm signals to a monitoring station
    • Sends SM o the user’s phone
  • Independent alarm functions, e.g.: supervises changes of the position when engine is not running, alarms initiated by contacts on the inputs